J/121 Hatched Into Space

    J/121 hatched in Bristol, RI
    Air space, that is, at CCF Composites in Bristol, RI!  It is an exciting development in the new J/121 offshore speedster project.  She looks sleek and very fast!

    Elon Musk’s Space-X or Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin projects have nothing on the hypersonic capabilities of the latest sailing machine evolving off the drawing boards from the J/Design Team. Optimized for short-handed sailing, you can see from these photos the J/121 has a knife-like bow to cut through the seas with
    minimal resistance and powerful stern-quarters that will permit her to race down the waves at 20+ kt speeds all day long offshore. 

    J/121 powerful stern profile
    Start planning (or planing?) now to get a trial sail on the J/121 after she has launched this summer on Narragansett Bay!  She will be based in Newport starting in July.  



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