J/121 Wins Best in Show at Newport
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    The NEW J/121 made her boat show debut at the Newport International Boat Show last weekend and took home the award for Best New Sailboat. It was a great way to kick off the official introduction of the J/121, but didn’t compare to the tremendous reaction from the hundreds of sailors who were able to hop aboard, stand behind the wheels, move around the cockpit and wide decks, and take in all the latest thinking that’s gone into this new J. Many were already aware of the water ballast feature and so the cockpit led water ballast controls were in constant use throughout the weekend, with the tanks frequency filled and drained to demonstrate the stability of the boat, with and without water ballast.

    J 121 Interior

    Near the close of the show, an admirer who had been eyeing the boat for some time approached and said, “I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this boat. It has all the cool things and more that my boat back home has, and it takes only 1/3 of the crew.” His boat back home . . . a TP52.

    The surprise for many was the roomy, bright interior of the J/121 which combines functional working and storage spaces with elegant accents. The main cabin with four full length berths is perfect for offshore passage-making, and the addition of the removable v-berth quickly converts the J/121 into a viable one couple fast cruiser.

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