The Landing Tipitinas South Shore Harbor
Tipitina’s Music Festival at South Shore Harbor – Sept 26th & 27th, 2015
September 16, 2015
J 111 at speed murray yacht sales gulf coast j dealer
J/111 Sailing Downwind in 25 kts
September 21, 2015
J 88 BOTY Murray Yacht Sales

“The J/88 features Oceanvolt’s SD6 6kW 48vdc system; which is lightweight (47 kg total) and has full hydro-regeneration capabilities, meaning that you can create energy back to the batteries while sailing using the folding propeller mounted on the strut-drive. Up to 1kW per hour can be generated to recharge the batteries while sailing at 6.5 kts.”

J Boats Go Green Cruising World 1

J Boats Go Green Cruising World 2

J Boats Go Green Cruising World 3

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J/88 Powersail Solar Panels

Dave Coughlin from UK Sails New York is setting with me this new #Powersail, a solar sail made in France which generates 400W at 94V DC.  This new J/88 is equipped with an electric auxiliary engine SD6 from Oceanvolt. The solar system is regulated by Victron.


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Michael James
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