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May 6, 2015
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May 11, 2015

Rupert Holmes, an Editor at based in Southampton, England, recently had a chance to hop aboard the J/97E and provide initial impressions of the “pocket rocket cruiser-racer”. Lenny said, “the 2015 J/97E is the latest and greatest, from the epic sailboat builder J/Boats.

If you’re a sailor, you’ve most certainly heard of J/Boats. This company is nothing short of iconic in the sailboat industry, and with good reason— since 1977, they’ve built over 14,000 sailboats. And the original J/24 remains the most popular offshore keelboat in the world.

Now they have a new offering: the J/97E. This is a dual-purpose racer/cruiser, first introduced in 2009 and improved for this model year. Though its interior is finished to a grade well above hard-core race boats, it’s still a strong performer with many regatta wins to date.”


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Michael James
Michael James
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