Book Review: Ultimate Sailing Adventures

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November 18, 2010
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November 19, 2010

Book Review: Ultimate Sailing Adventures

What would be your favourite sailing adventure dream? Do you dream of sailing around one of the Great Capes? Would you like to cruise up the Amazon or cross the Pacific on a windsurfer? How about competing in the America’s Cup or Volvo Ocean Race? Maybe you dream of daring to battle monster waves off the coast of South Africa or racing around Scandinavian islands on an open cat?

These are just some of the 100 extraordinary experiences in Ultimate Sailing Adventures, a marvellous coffee table book which covers all sorts of craft from foiling trimarans to reed rafts.

There are more modest adventures too: share the experience of competing among almost 2,000 yachts in a race that is open to all or get a feel for cruising among the epic scenery of Desolation Sound. Ultimate Sailing Adventures takes you from Lake Titicaca to the Arctic Circle and from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the icebergs and mountainous seas of the Southern Ocean. Try an eco-charter in Thailand or step aboard the sexiest yacht in the world. Lively writing puts you at the helm while stunning photography brings each adventure to life.

Author Miles Kendall lifts the lid on these extraordinary sailing experiences with lively writing and brilliant photography. In the wide mix of nautical challenges range, you’ll feel that you are at the helm!


Michael James
Michael James
Michael James has been with Murray Yacht Sales since 1995 and is in the the New Orleans office.

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