July 29, 2010

Discover Boating 'Makes Waves' with New Facebook Game

Discover Boating recently launched a series of online games, titled Making Waves, to put at-home current and potential boaters and outdoor enthusiasts in the virtual captain’s […]
July 29, 2010

Motion Sickness and Biofeedback (reprinted from Scuttlebutt)

Motion sickness, to quote Dr. Patricia S. Cowings, of NASA’s Ames Research Center, “won’t kill you – you just wish it would.” She and a colleague […]
July 21, 2010

10 BEST PLACES TO LIVE AND BOAT (reprinted from boatingmag.com)

Somewhere the grass is always greener and the water always bluer. The question: Don’t such thoughts have more to do with fantasy than reality? Maybe not. […]
July 20, 2010

Beneteau Sense

Give full expression to all your senses, beginning with the pleasure of living on board a contemporary yacht with a totally innovative design. One does not […]