Designer notes on the Beneteau 34

Beneteau Oceanis 31
Beneteau 31: Big Things from a Little Sister (Cruising World’s Review)
December 9, 2010
2010 International Conference of Professional Yacht Brokers
December 9, 2010

Designer notes on the Beneteau 34

The challenge of the Océanis 34 was : Being quick, easy handling, being elegant, having volume, having all comfort in a reasonable price!

The Oceanis 34 belongs to the family (Océanis 31, 34, 37) that we designe for the Beneteau shipyard. It takes again a large part of the equipments :
  • Big cockpit with its steering wheel, its bib case, its cockpit table
  • Halyards handling in front of the cockpit
  • Sheet track handling near the helmsman

Modern, fast and comfortable boats for cruising.

The Océanis 34 integrates the latest Beneteau developments in terms of construction and standardization, making it an affordable, strong and well-finished boat

The boat is built out of polyester strengthened with fiber glass.
The deck is injected with its inner mould.
The hull is stiffened by inner moulded structure. This structure receive the fitting that are manufactured and well-finished before.
The motor is particularly well insulated.

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Michael James
Michael James
Michael James has been with Murray Yacht Sales since 1995 and is in the the New Orleans office.

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