The Hunter design team is once again doing its own thing. The new 450 has a look of its own, though I’m not sure what you would call it — maybe Euro-American.Hunter calls this boat a “true bluewater cruiser,” so let’s look at the numbers and see if it fits the general type. The D/L is 200 and that’s on the low side, but acceptable. The question is: if the D/L is low, where does the volume for stowage needed for extended cruising come from? This is easy to answer. Look at the amount of topsides the 450 has. The freeboard is generous and the cabintrunk combines to push the aesthetic limits of a 44-foot boat. Using my handy “trick strip,” I estimate that the cabin sole of the 450 is very near the DWL. This would result in a high vertical center of gravity, though keeping the VCG as low as possible enhances stability. The hull shape shows short overhangs and plenty of beam at 14 feet.This looks like a wonderful interior layout for a live-aboard. Both roomy staterooms have a head. The aft stateroom head even includes a bathtub. I also like the small computer station in the aft cabin. Note the offset location of the double berth. This is one of the benefits of the high cabin sole and increased freeboard. The Hunter 450 uses volume and space that many boats don’t have by design. The galley looks great with lots of counter space. There is an option of a washer and dryer, though I wonder where it would fit. This is a very clever layout.