iPad as Extra Nav Screen (Cruising World)

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July 19, 2011
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July 20, 2011

iPad as Extra Nav Screen (Cruising World)

Screen capabilities are expanded with new technologies. From Panbo, for our October 28, 2010, CW Reckonings

Oct 27, 2010
By Ben Ellison (More articles by this author)

Courtesy of Panbo
It’s not just the new edition of Coastal Explorer that can play nicely with an iPad.  In fact, it turns out that anyone running Nobeltec Admiral v6.5 or higher can get their iPad to show a variety of independent screens like the one above.  (Right up through the latest 10.7 update, which apparently fixes numerous bugs, adds support for the latest Windows versions, and marks the welcome demise of Jeppesen’s Raster Plus Pack gaff.)  That’s because Admiral has long supported the extended desktop capabilities of Windows, as well as touch screens.  But Nobeltec Product Manager Bill Washburn, glimpsed in his own camera above, warns that screen refresh rate is marginal, at least at this point…  READ ARTICLE
Michael James
Michael James
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