J/111 Project Update

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December 24, 2009
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January 3, 2010

J/111 Project Update

The hull plug is rapidly taking shape at CCF in Bristol. This week the strongback was constructed and leveled and then section frames and centerline longitudinal erected. The transom is in process today and next week the frames will start to be skinned. The hull plug process is expected to take 4 weeks, the production mold another 3 weeks, and then the first hull will begin molding in late February. The next available hull as of 16:45 Newport time is #18. 

Preliminary Sail Numbers:  These are NOT locked in but close enough for sail quoting purposes. I – 48.4′ J – 13.9′ P – 45.0′ E – 14.5′ STL – 20.9′ Max A-sail target – 132 m2

J/111 Class Rules:  Class Rules are presently in draft form and include an Owner driver rule (like the J/109 class); factory weight certificate issued with each boat; fairing restriction on foils (like the J/122 class); sail limit of main, two jibs and two kites; crew number limit for low-key events plus crew weight limit for championship events.

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Michael James
Michael James
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