J/Newsletter December 9th, 2009

December 17, 2009
J/95 is Overall Boat-of-the-Year and J/97 Wins Best Club Racer
December 21, 2009

J/Newsletter December 9th, 2009

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Reprinted from J/Boats:

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J/95 Wins SAIL 2010 Best Performance Sailboat Award (Boston, MA)- The brand new J/95 is the first model from J Boats in thirty-two years of production to feature a shoal draft lead keel with a lifting centreboard and twin rudders. She will make her European debut at the Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show in January. Key Yachting will be exhibiting the J/95 on stand N021T at the show, along with the J/97, winner of the Black Group at Cowes Week earlier this year.

The J/95 is clearly a new concept for J Boats. However, in terms of the technical execution of the concept, the build quality and the overall performance of this sleek and pretty thirty-one footer, J Boats seem to have hit the market with the right product at the right time, again.

For creek hopping in shallow, tidal harbours or for enjoying a picnic off the beach the J/95 features a bronze centreboard that pivots and fully retracts up into a slot in the fixed lead keel. When lowered, the centreboard projects below the keel, giving a draft of 1.68 metres; with the centreboard retracted, the draft of the J/95 is reduced to just 91 centimetres, allowing the J/95 access to some of the most beautiful and secluded sailing waters of our coast, otherwise untouched by other performance sailboats.

To optimise steering control during shoal draft operation, the J/95 is specified with tandem rudders. Previously, boats with single shoal draft rudders have tended to suffer from crippling weather helm, especially when close reaching in a breeze. The twin rudders and wheel steering of the J/95 offer superb balance and control and there is plenty of room in the cockpit too. Below decks, she is comfortable and well thought out. She has two full length settee berths, a private heads, an optional double v-berth in the bow and designated locations for a microwave, grill and cooler.

Being a J Boat, the J/95 is designed with performance as a priority. This smart little boat not only looks great but she also is built to ISO CE Mark Category A, which is defined as a vessel capable of crossing oceans. And of course she sails beautifully! With her optional masthead spinnaker and retractable bowsprit, she is perfectly capable of double-digit downwind speeds, and upwind, whether in deep draft or centreboard up mode, she will happily track along at 6.5 knots and outpoint most race boats.

The future for the J/95 in the shallow, estuarine waters of the UK coastline is bright; she represents a new and potent sailing package from J Boats, a shining star for the new season. No surprise then that the J/95 has just won SAIL Magazines 2010 Best Boats Performance Sailboat Award.

Learn more about the J/95 at SAIL’s Best Boats Review.



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The contest starts today, December 16th, 2009 and ends Friday, January 15th, 2010.  Winners will be announced at the J/Tent during Key West Race Week, January 18th, 2010.

Learn more about the J/Sailing Anarchy Contest.




“Best Weekender” and “Best Domestic Boat of the Year”

(Middletown, R.I. – Cruising World magazine announced the winners of its 17th annual Boat of the Year awards. Topping this year’s list of winners for the most anticipated awards in the sailboat industry was the J/95. The

J/95 won the Domestic Boat of the Year award and the Best Weekender of the Year.

Four other boats also won awards from an independent panel of experts who inspected and tested 18 nominated boats following the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, earlier this year. Decisions were based on extensive dockside inspections and sea trials of the boats. All of the winners, along with the rest of the 2010 BOTY nominees and several other boats reviewed by the magazine’s editors, are featured in the January issue of Cruising World.

In addition to claiming the Domestic Boat of the Year award, the J/95 was also named Best Weekender. “The judges were impressed with the J/95’s sailing performance, functional accommodations, and shoal-draft keel/centerboard,” said Cruising World senior editor Bill Springer. “At a time when many families are cruising waters closer to home, it’s the ideal weekender for nearby bays, and it’ll be up to longer coastal cruises when time permits.”

Learn more about the J /95 at CRUISING WORLD’s BOTY Review.



Regatta & Show Schedules:

Jan. 2-8- J/24 Australian Championships- Sandringham YC- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAEMSAcFTQVTDlAD

Jan 8-17- London Sailboat Show- London, England- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAAFSAcFTQVTDlAD

Jan. 18-22- Key West Race Week- Key West, FL- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAAESAcFTQVTDlAD

Jan. 18-22- J/80 Midwinter Championships- Key West, FL- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAAHSAcFTQVTDlAD

Jan 28-31- San Diego Sunroad Sailboat Show- San Diego, CA- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAAGSAcFTQVTDlAD

Feb. 6-10- J/24 Midwinters- Davis Island YC- Tampa, FL- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAABSAcFTQVTDlAD

Feb. 14- St. Pete NOOD- St. Petersburg YC- St. Petersburg, FL- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAAASAcFTQVTDlAD

Mar. 6-13- J/24 Copa de Mexico- Marina Riviera Nayarit- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAADSAcFTQVTDlAD

Mar. 11-14- J/22 Midwinters- Southern YC, New Orleans, LA – http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAACSAcFTQVTDlAD

Apr. 8-11- Charleston Race Week- Charleston, SC- http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAANSAcFTQVTDlAD

J Sailing Event Calendar- stay organized year-round for J sailing events, boat shows, seminars, regattas going on worldwide in the J/Community.



J/Concierge for Key West Race Week-  J/Boats will be there supporting our teams! There is premium dock space available at the Conch Republic Seafood.

Individual slips (no rafting), easy in & out of the bight, short walk to the race tent and dock side drink service make this a favorite. We will also be coordinating a diver service. For more information contact Karen

Yingling- karen@jconcierge.com or ph# (619) 665-5815


J/Regatta News

The Sun Never Sets on J’s Sailing Worldwide The J/80s continue to have a fun time sailing their winter series on the Mediterranean off Santander and Palma Majorca, Spain.  The J/105 and J/80 One Design classes are preparing for Key West Race Week– amongst other J’s participating include the famous J/125 STARK RAVING MAD, J/122s, J/120s,J/24s, J/29s and the champion J/109 RUSH.  Read on!  More importantly, if you have more J/Regatta News, please email it or upload onto our J/Boats Facebook page!  Below are the summaries.



J/97 Race Results Update

The J/97 JENGA had a remarkably successful debut racing season in UK waters this year.  Congratulations are in order to Paul and Marie-Claude Heys for their wonderful performances over a broad spectrum of weather conditions that are typical in the summer sailing season in England.  As a demonstration of its remarkable diversity, the J/97 won in drifting conditions with nary a ripple in sight to gale force, blowing dogs off chains, conditions with huge breaking waves.  Here was JENGA’s record for


 2nd in class and 27 overall out of 1779 starters, at the JPMorgan Round the Island Race  Winner of Black Group Overall at Cowes Week  6 race wins  Overall Winner of Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta  6 race wins  Winner of J-Cup  9 race wins  Winner of RNLI Eastbourne Lifeboat Regatta  4 race wins

Learn more about sailing the J/97



J/24 Copa de Mexico Update

Wow, check this regatta out!

Jorge Castillo reports- “We are still three months away from the event and already have 52 boats with paid registration. We have crews registered from Brazil, Germany, Monaco, El Salvador, USA, Puerto Rico, Peru, Italy and Mexico! All preparations are going as expected, charter boats available are being assigned by Kenneth Porter this coming week and hotel accommodations are already posted on the website (we will send updated registration codes for discounted rates shortly). The competitor’s villa has been designed to gather all participating classes; Offshore, J24, Kite surf. Optimist  and Windsurf during the two weeks of celebration. The title sponsor will be Nextel.

For more regatta information.



The Brothers Piris Dominate J/80 ECC Trophy (Santander, Spain)-  The Piris brothers sailing their J/80 YATES & THINGS, skippered by Antonio, and FONESTAR, with James at the helm, took the top two positions in the first weekend for the ECC Trophy over a twenty five boat fleet.  With a light easterly wind on Saturday with a lot of current and a shifty 18-25 knot breeze on Sunday, the fleet was put to the test to stay out of trouble and in contention for the top five.

After a “black flag” Sunday,  which jumbled the standings considerably, the two Piris brothers, Antonio and James, dominated the regatta.  Following behind them were Alberto Padron on MABLE IV in third place and Ignacio Camino ni NEXTEL in fourth.  Champion sailor Torcida Pichu didn’t have such a great weekend and managed fifth on ECC VIVIENDAS.

For more regatta information.



J/30 TEAM FUZZY Crew Views on NA’s

Thanks for this story from Jon Eberly and Kelly Robinson who raced aboard FUZZY WUZZY: “Obviously, when you win the NAs, you are likely to feel pretty good about the regatta. For Team Fuzzy, 2009 was certainly as good as it gets. Our win in 2008 was terrific, but as shown in the on-line poll before the 2009 regatta, it wasnt clear that we were anyones favorite! We hadnt sailed against Zephyr since they crushed the fleet in 2006also at Cedar Point and sailing the same boat they used this year (Bayou Bleu). Smiles and Fat City had both beaten us in the One Design Regatta at Cedar Point earlier this year. Furthermore, we were missing a couple of our long-time crew, including our tactician from last year, Bob Matthews.

Going into the regatta with such strong competition, we knew that every race would be critical and require total focus. Based on the forecast possibility for wind cancellation on Sunday, we also knew that regatta standings Saturday afternoon could be key to taking home the hardware. Our all-amateur crew brought a lot of experience to the coursefive out of seven are boat owners and racing skippers, and everyone is a driver. On the water, we kept chatter to a minimum with everyone focused on their role (and watching for shifts, of course!)….”  A lot more to read on this story on the beautiful and newly revamped J/30 website.

Read more about their experiences




What friends, alumni and crew of J/Boats are doing worldwide


* Rick Lyall, J/109 Class President, takes a look back on 2009- “Time flies. As we enter the last month of 2009, it seems remarkable that another year, and more importantly, another sailing season, at least for those of us in the northern half of the US, is coming to an end. As we reflect on the year, Im sure many of you have mixed feelings. Some are sorry to see another year pass. Others are happy to wish 2009 good riddance given the economic challenges and volatile markets that have affected all of our lives.

Read more about Rick’s 2009 Review of J/109 Sailing.


* J/World Racing Tips- When is a windshift shift worth tacking on? And, when is it better to play the shifts versus going for stronger wind? To answer questions like these it’s helpful to know how much you’ll gain in a shift. If you can quantify your decisions, they are often easier to make.

Here are some rules of thumb regarding distance gained/lost in a wind


– If your boats tacking (or gybing) angle is 90 degrees then you’ll gain 12% of the distance between boats in a 5 degree shift, 25% in a 10 degree shift, 37% in a 15 degree shift and 48% in a 20 degree shift.

Example: If you get a 15 degree shift and you’re 1/4 mile (1320′) away from a competitor then you’ll gain or lose 488. If you’re sailing in a J/80 this equates to about 19 boatlengths. That’s a lot!

If the tacking angle is larger, then the percentage gain/loss is also larger. Keep this in mind in light air when angles are greater.

A big component of the final figure is the separation between boats. This separation is often called “leverage” Leverage can be good or bad depending on which way the shift goes.

Tacticians should always run the “what if” numbers ahead of time. This is especially helpful when considering hitting one side of a leg due to an expected geographic shift caused by land.

If youre not the numbers type then consider this rule of thumb: In a shifting breeze consider tacking when the compass shows you below your median heading AND when you can cross more boats than youll have to duck.

Avoid the temptation to wait until you get enough of a shift to cross the majority of boats – stay in phase,  stay in a clear lane of air and dont be greedy!

For information on any of J World’s racing courses please contact J-World at 800-343-2255 http://www.jboats.com/lists/lt.php?id=N0gBVA9UVAcDSAcFTQVTDlAD


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