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Yacht Brokers Association of America; Member
State of Florida; Yacht Broker License with bond


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What they say…

Client References

“I have never worked with a better broker than Rick. He is as sharp as they get in the industry and a credit to the profession.”
-corresponding broker

“I have found only one person, other than my mother-in-law, in the entire State of Florida that I trust to do business with and that is Mr. Rick Zern. Anyone then that Mr. Zern recommends or is associated with I feel extremely confident in utilizing their services. So to directly answer your question, yes, I do want to hire you and both my bride, Brenda, and I tremendously appreciate your openess and honesty. Please advise me if I need to send to you a deposit or any other contractual confirmation for you to conduct this survey for us next Wednesday.

Brenda and I will be flying in next Tuesday and returning home the following Saturday. We both look forward to meeting you next week and conducting the survey on Wednesday.

Prospective Brokerage Buyer

“I want to thank you for taking the time and meeting me…it spoke volumes to me about your committment…and educating me on purchasing this, my first boat…I got a good feeling about your committment and honesty to see me through a boat purchase, whatever the ” make
and model. Thanks”

“Murray Yacht sales is the benchmark for Yacht brokers and
should be the industry standard. You will get our business…

Under Rick: “Your personal attention and professionalism have been a refreshing experience.

“Thought I’d let you know how much we enjoyed meeting you and how much we appreciated the time you took to talk sailing with us. In the car driving away from the pier, Glenda said what I had been thinking! ” When we get our boat -it will be from Rick” And She is a great judge of people. Thanks again”
-TD (a future customer)

We are very pleased with the work that Rick Zern has done. He is an all-around good person to deal with; capable, reliable and pleasant to work with. -2003 Beneteau 311 owner

Without qualification, I heartily recommend Rick Zern to anyone considering a purchase or listing. He has proven that he understands the meaning of service before, during, and after the sale. Having been in professional sales for many years, I appreciate dealing with a person of such high quality, and it speaks well of your company that you have such a member of your team.
– SM, happy MYS customer

Great news about your new location and sales force in Mobile. I have known Rick Zern for many years, and believe that he will be very good at selling yachts. He is so knowledgable about all aspects of boats. He is one of my main “go to” guys whenever I need help of any sort with my boat. What a wonderful addition to your MYS team.”
– 05/02 – note from a gulf coast sailor


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