Navionics Mobile 2, with NewStand & more (Yachting Magazine)

Bracing for the Storm (Yachting Magazine)
August 22, 2011
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August 23, 2011

Navionics Mobile 2, with NewStand & more (Yachting Magazine)

Months ago I heard that Navionics was planning to add boating
magazine content to its mobile charting apps, but I didn’t know until the new
2.0 version came out that “my” Bonnier Marine Group was a lead
By Ben Ellison / Published: August 22, 2011


The implementation is pretty slick too. As long as your iPad or iPhone is
online you can browse the “NewsStand” for cruising pieces relevant to your
location or for articles listed by various subject categories or even ranked by
reviews from fellow Navionics Mobile users. And you can download and read them
two ways…

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Michael James
Michael James
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