Ronstan’s Alistair Murray- The Alphabet List For Sailing

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February 18, 2014
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February 27, 2014

Ronstan’s Alistair Murray- The Alphabet List For Sailing

(Sydney, Australia)- One of the more inspirational people in sailing may be Ronstan’s CEO Alistair Murray.  As a life-long sailor from way “Down Under”,  Alistair provides some of his perspectives of what  “The Alphabet″ list might look like for “what’s great about sailing”:

  • It is always an Adventure, whether participating in adrenaline filled racing or being independent in a quiet cove.
  • It is Beautiful in every respect; boats, places and people.
  • Craftsmanship skills are developed; it is a hands on activity.
  • People with Disabilities can sail …. and win gold medals even.
  • It is Environmentally friendly.
  • Fresh air, Freedom, Families and Fun.
  • Generations can sail together, including grand parents and grand children.
  • Humility. Nature is more powerful than we are.

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