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May 3, 2018
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31/08/2017, Porto Rotondo (ITA), Chantier Beneteau, Oceanis 51.1 First Line

Three versions for ultimate flexibility

Three versions for ultimate flexibility

French boatbuilder, Groupe Beneteau, never introduces just one new idea. Instead, it likes to package concepts together and give them different names, so that when a new model is launched, owners can choose the combination that works best for them.

With the introduction of the Oceanis 51.1 (the fifth model in the “.1” line that will replace the Oceanis 48) Beneteau once again brings three different flavors to market for the racer (First), cruiser (Comfort) and daysailer (Easy). This targets three kinds of buyers with one hull design and adds flexibility that makes everyone feel catered to and special. No wonder Beneteau’s catchphrase is, “There’s an option for that.”

Michael James
Michael James
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