model J/108
year Introduced in 2011
length 35
location Call
loa 35.00′
lwl 30.50′
beam 11.50′
draft 4.0 to 6.8′
displacement 11,400 lbs
ballast 4,400 lbs
engine(s) 30hp
designer J/Boats


Underlying J/108’s leap in shoal-draft performance is a uniquely designed fixed keel with integral pivoting centerboard system. As with the J/95, the centerboard system controls are cockpit led and designed for easy raising and lowering by one person. The fixed keel design, combined with twin rudders and an efficient hull shape and sailplan will allow the J/108 to sail within a few degrees of leeway of its sister J/109 upwind while retaining the stability essential for a comfortable ride. Finger-tip steering with near “hockey stop” turning power in any wind provides both exceptional balance and confidence.

Simplifying one’s life flying both the asymmetric spinnaker and storing the anchor are prime considerations when performance cruising. A fixed composite sprit with stainless rod support provides you the best of both worlds– the ability to fly your spinnaker or Code Zero/One free of the bow pulpit, while the integral anchor roller system with windlass over the chain/anchor line locker permits you to simply push a button and deploy or store the anchor.

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