model J/133
year 2011
length 43
location Please Call
builder TPI
loa 43.0′
lwl 37.8′
beam 12.8′
draft 7.9′ / 6.25′
displacement 18,250 lbs
ballast 7,250 lbs
sail 994 sq ft
engine(s) Yanmar 56hp
designer J/Europe
Headroom 6’4


A 43′ Winner for Short Handed Sailing, Perfromance Cruising & Racing.

The ideal mid-40s length racer/cruiser… J/133 is a yacht that has the stability for short-handed cruising, race winning speed under IRC & PHRF, durability for rough offshore passages and a retractable sprit that makes big crews obsolete.

J/133 combines the cruising comfort of our popular J/46 but with more powerful performance ratios and an easy to manage sailplan for better race results with fewer and less experienced crew, particularly in the light airs so frequently encountered during summer on the Great Lakes and East Coast in the US.

Not to say J/133 won’t perform in a breeze. Her lower center of gravity with lead keel bulb and carbon rig comes into play in those conditions. Prototype of the design concept is the new J/109, winning the Atlantic Cup in France for best overall performance of any boat in IRC during 4 major regattas; winning a gale ridden, double-handed Round Britain Race overall as one of only 8 finishers among 38 starters; Overall winner Cowes Week, Class winner of the Fastnet Race under IRC and, winner Overall of the Middle Sea Rac around Sicily. A proven concept!

With over 1,800 J/Sprit boats launched in the past decade, sailing with asymmetric spinnakers is now firmly entrenched and J/Boats is leading the charge. In famous sailing venues like Annapolis, Newport, San Francisco Bay and the Solent, it’s now commonplace to see more asymmetric spinnakers than conventional; and for good reason. A-sails are easier! With J/133, the ease of going fast with less crew is combined with a classic, sea-going J cruising interior, to produce a boat as comfortable to sleep aboard as she is to sail.

If you ask an owner what they like best about their J, chances are they will say, “how well she sails.” Like her stablemates, J/133 is designed for blazing speed with fingertip control, whether carving through waves upwind in 12 knots or surfing with double-reefed main in a squall. Long waterline length combined with narrow waterline beam results in a hull that tracks well through the waves with only minimal input from the wheel.

If you own a boat that is fast in light wind, is stable in a breeze, and can be sailed single-handed, chances are you’ll spend a lot more time sailing. And if one’s happiness is directly proportional to one’s sailing time, then we think J/133 will be the source of many smiles.

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