model J/80
year Introduced in 1994
length 26
location Call
loa 26.2′
lwl 22.0′
beam 8.3′
draft 4.9′
displacement 2,900 lbs
ballast 1,400 lbs


The Only Sportboat Under 30 ft. Certified for Offshore Family Fun.

To expand your sailing horizons with a modern sportboat in open waters outside protected harbors and lakes, there’s only one choice: J/80. Sailing World magazine rated J/80 as easier to handle, less intimidating, safer and better suited for sailing offshore than other modern sportboats tested.

Numbers highlight the reason: The 1440 lb. lead keel with bulb on the J/80 weighs nearly the same as the leading competitor’s entire boat. No question. The most important standard when it comes to a forgiving design, family sailing fun and sailing in open waters is stability. Now these assessments have become official.

ISO Offshore Certified
The J/80 is certified for Design Category B of the EU Recreational Craft Directive of the ISO (International Standards Organization) which states that qualifying boats are designed for waves up to 13 feet high with winds to 41 knots, or conditions which may be encountered on offshore voyages of sufficient length or on coasts where shelter may not always be immediately available. That these conditions may also be experienced on inland seas (or lakes) of sufficient size for the wave height to be generated. Other monohull sportboats we know of with retractable sprits under 30′ are rated for Category C, “designed” for waves of less than 7 feet and winds less than 33 knots or conditions which might be encountered on exposed inland waters, in estuaries, and in coastal waters in moderate weather conditions.

Don’t you think it’s time to join nearly 340 other owners worldwide who are discovering how well the J/80 fits their plans for sailing fun? J/80 is the only sportboat that combines simplicity of operation, confidence building stability and 15 knot spinnaker rides in an affordable, low maintenance and trailerable package. It even has 4 berths and a 12 foot long cockpit. You can try one out or refine your skills with expert instructions, prior to delivery of your own boat, at a J World Sailing School in Annapolis or San Diego. Over 550 J/80s built!

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