The Smart Buyer – Seek Out A Certified Broker First

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March 14, 2012
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March 16, 2012

The Smart Buyer – Seek Out A Certified Broker First

The National Yacht Broker Certification Program is a joint effort of the Yacht Brokers Association of America, the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association, the California Yacht Brokers Association, Boating Ontario Dealer, the Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association and the British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association. Its objective is to set a performance baseline for professional brokers nationwide.

Performance standards, professional training and recognition are essential tools for ensuring that the industry encourages and maintains aggressive performance goals and sound business practices. Each of the broker groups have association-mandated codes of ethics that provide minimum standards for performance. The broker certification program takes this to a new level, providing a comprehensive method for qualifying eligible brokers who have the experience, skills and know-how to be recognized as Certified Professional Yacht Brokers.  CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO READ THE ARTICLE

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