Underwater Metals on my boat – should I paint?

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December 20, 2016
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December 20, 2016

Underwater Metals on my boat – should I paint?

Underwater Metals – should I paint?

Answer: Yes, BUT your goal should include avoiding galvanic corrosion in the process.

Cuprous Oxide is the most common culprit.   The use of primers to separate the metals from the paint and/or paints that use Biocides in lieu of Metals as antifouling agents is the big picture concept.  Define the types of metals that you will be covering and Google the major paint manufacturer’s websites to view the recommended processes.

Bottom paint, varnish and anchors all have become religions (read cult) to many boat owners and shipyards.  My experience is that each manufacturer’s products offer compromises and work well if properly applied.

Tip: If the boat is ready to launch / old school method is to rub some heavy grease on the underwater metals to prevent marine growth.  


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