What is VPLP Design?

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December 14, 2018
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December 17, 2018

The question should be WHO is VPLP…

VPLP is a world-renowned international team of French-based naval architects and designers that have been working worldwide in sail and motor craft for 30 years. They are lead by:
Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost

We encourage you to visit the VPLP website for an interesting insight into the future of vessel design through their lenses. 

Vincent Lauriot Prévost with Stanton Murray aboard the VPLP designed EXCESS 12 Catamaran at the 2020 Miami Boat Show. Vincent is the LP of the design team VPLP. Stanton is the President of Murray Yacht Sales, the Gulf Coast Dealer for EXCESS Catamarans.
“Curiosity is our default position. We love the “why not?” rather than the “we always” of conventional thinking. It is our toolbox we turn to – a mixture of own-grown and partner based parameterisations and processes that enable us to push designs and materials to their limits safely and at definable costs. Paradoxically, it is this approach of pushing the edge that has kept us consistently ahead … for 30 years.”
“It is this approach that has enabled us to design the winner of every single Route de Rhum race for 20 years. It is this approach that helps us re-design boats for Bangladeshi fisherman so that they can construct boats that are more efficient. It is this approach we use when mixing materials such as wood and carbon fibre on luxury boats.” 
Comanche, another successful VPLP design
Design Briefing aboard the new EXCESS 11 Catamaran
Left to Right: Ted Ruegg, Associate Publisher of Cruising World /Sailing World Magazines; Rick Zern, Team Murray Yacht Sales; Bruno Belmont, Projects Director for Sailing Yachts, Groupe Beneteau; Vincent Lauriot Prévost, VPLP Design Group
Hugo BOSS – VPLP Design Group

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